Monday, July 24, 2017

War and Beast 45: Directed by Michael Bay?

This week was the long awaited return of Dinobot!  When I watched the episode the first two times last Monday, I felt like it was overly serious with a handful of physical comedy gags that just didn't work.  It's definitely the most visually dark episode of the series so far, and has some cool themes and stuff.  We had to reschedule the recording for Wednesday, so I watched it one more time before that recording.  Maybe I was in a better mood, but I really enjoyed it that time.
Dinobot II's design is easily my favorite since Transmetal Cheetor, maybe since Inferno.  His characterization as a sort of feral soldier comes off as pretty cool, especially for having just been created. 
We also had Kasey as a returning guest, who did a great job.  I'm glad we haven't had as many guests this season as we did in early season 2, but this episode as well as our previous episode with a guest have both been great.  It also helps that, at this point, Kasey has been on a few times and sends her news post every week, so we've gotten a better feel for each other over time.

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