Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Waiting Here for Everyman - 5 - Peter Stein

This week I interviewed Peter Stein, lead singer of a very unique band called Death Sludge.  I met Peter back in 2008 at the Scarlet and Grey cafĂ© when he was performing with the earliest version of the band. Over the years, he’s managed to develop his sound while still hanging on to some of the things that make Death Sludge unique.

Check out Death Sludge on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/deathsludge/

or on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/deathsludge

The music I included in the episode was all from their upcoming E.P., but if you want to get a feel for how they sounded back in the day, check out Power Chord Song on their soundcloud.  It's pretty awesome.

Music in this episode:

For Everyman - Jackson Browne performed by Kendall Halman

Modern Chupacabra:  Death Sludge

Digital Pin:  Death Sludge

False Flag:  Death Sludge

Here's the episode!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pull List Omega 9-20

Just in time for Batman Day, Jared and I discuss the month's books including Secret Empire, Metal, Mister Miracle, and some boring Image book that Jared likes.  Also, I have an incomprehensible rant that comes from my disliking All Star Superman.

By the way, if you discovered my podcast feed from Waiting Here for Everyman, welcome, this is something completely different.

Here's the episode!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Waiting Here for Everyman - 4 - Chuck Andreas

This week I interviewed my Father in law Chuck Andreas.  This was actually only the second interview I did for this project, so I was still getting the kinks out of it.  Luckily, Chuck’s decades of experience playing music brought some great insights, even if the interview ended up a little shorter than usual.

Music in this episode:

For Everyman by Jackson Browne performed by Kendall Halman

Song For Sarah by Chuck Andreas

Here's the episode!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

War and Beast - 51 - When Two Sparks Love Each Other Very Much

I know I've been pretty inconsistent when it comes to linking War and Beast on this site, but if you're not subscribed by now, I don't know what to do about you.  Anyway, this episode was not great.  Emily was really upset by the execution of Tigerhawk, and I hated the Vok. 

Anyway, there are only two episodes left of Beast Wars.  Hopefully it ends strong!

Check out the episode on Audio Entropy

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Waiting Here for Everyman - 3 - Joe Atticus Inch

This week, I interviewed Joe Atticus Inch.  In high school, Joe wanted to be a singer songwriter, but eventually decided to focus that energy into his poetry while remaining one of the biggest fans of music I’ve ever met.

Find Joe's creative works at:



Music(and poetry) in this episode:

For Everyman - Jackson Browne, performed by Kendall Halman
I Miss You - Blink 182
Don't Wait - Dashboard Confessional
Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
Nazi Punks Fuck Off - Dead Kennedys

Terrarium - Joe Inch
Twenty Seven - Joe Inch

Here's the episode

Saturday, September 2, 2017

War and Beast 49 - Are Transmetal 2s Zombies?

I should probably write up these mini posts about episodes before they get posted.  I don't remember much of anything about this episode.

The biggest thing is, at the end, Jordan and I discuss the Death Note Netflix movie, which is really good.  It's like John Hughes made Death Note, just a fun popcorn movie.  No need to overthink it.

You can listen to the episode on audio entropy.