Saturday, July 8, 2017

I was a guest on Teenagers With Attitude!

Podcasting is weird.  Unlike most forms of media, where you really have to go out of your way to find anything deeper than the most mainstream things, many podcasts cater to such a niche audience that the creators are much more accessible than those of other forms of media.  In the same way, if you produce a podcast that targets the right niche, someone will listen to it.

When I was on the network with Kitchen Finks, we were able to have hosts of much more popular shows as guests and I occasionally was even able to guest on other shows.  Unfortunately, when I stopped playing(and podcasting about) Magic the Gathering, I also sort of disconnected from that community.  Unlike, the Audio Entropy podcast network has a wide variety of shows on a wide variety of topics, so if I get tired of one, I can find another easily enough. 

Somehow, right around the time the network was formalized, Greg made a call on the Teenagers With Attitude Facebook group for people who wanted to do a Beast Wars podcast.  He more or less knew the other hosts from the mysterious "forums," but the rest of us were just fans of Teenagers With Attitude and the other shows on the network.  Since then, we've all been able to guest on various shows, but a few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to guest on the flagship show.

Recording this episode was surreal, because it was simultaneously like doing a podcast with friends and like doing a podcast with minor celebrities.  I've actually done episodes of things with three of the four hosts who were on the episode before, but this was different.  It felt like I'd finally reached one of the goals I had when I joined the network.  Fortunately, I feel like a did a pretty decent job.

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