Sunday, July 16, 2017

War and Beast 44: Cyber puberty hits fast and it hits hard

Everybody else hated this episode.  I kind of liked it.  The Maximals come off as pretty misogynist and, depending on your interpretation, a little bit racist too.  Also, Cheetor, out of nowhere, develops a crush on Black Arachnia and suddenly starts suffering from teenage creepiness.  If you give the writers enough credit, I think they took this episode as an opportunity to show the heroes in a not so great light.  Rattrap says some terrible things (even worse than normal), Optimus puts the one woman in charge of the children, and Silverbolt is jealous and possessive.  Meanwhile, the Predacons, relatively speaking, do a decent job of cooperating and almost succeed.  Most importantly, this episode gave us a chance to make fun of men's rights activists.  My alternative title was "Cheetor gets friend-zoned."

You can listen to the episode at

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