Monday, June 19, 2017

Let's Place Let's Place

Many of you all know that my favorite podcast is a show called Let's Place.  The premise of the show is that they're reviewing and placing every video game ever made.  The rotating crew of guests run the gamut of attempting to be serious to taking things completely off the rails.  It's hard to explain exactly why I love the show so much, what it is that gives it that special something, but I was able to find a couple other people with similar feelings and recorded this pilot episode of "Let's Place Let's Place" in which we review and place 5 random episodes of Let's Place.  Between Jordan, Tal, and myself, I feel like we had a few good insights on what makes the show great. 

I'm also very grateful for Zach, for facilitating having the episode posted on Audio Entropy, home of War and Beast and of course Let's Place.  Will there be more episodes?  Well, Tal did point out that we'd only need to do 8 more to go through all 44 current Let's Place episodes.

Here's the episode!

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