Monday, January 29, 2018

Lisa Drink The Water!, my latest EP!

For the two of you out there who listen to my music, I posted a new EP on my BandCamp page. It's just a few ideas I wanted to get out of my system before focusing on my upcoming Halloween album. I've been binge watching The Simpsons lately, and there's a moment from the season 4 episode "Selma's Choice" where Selma is on her last nerve watching Bart and Lisa, and she literally tells Lisa to drink the disgusting water from the "It's a Small World" parody ride at Duff Gardens. With that line, Selma's demonstrating that she's been broken down to the point where she'll say anything for a moment of peace, even if she knows it will lead to more trouble. I've been stressed out and tired of a lot of things lately, so this moment hit close to home and inspired some of the stuff on the EP.
You can pay what you want for the EP, along with a ton of my other music, on my BandCamp page.

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