Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bad Deck Breakdowns - 9 - Generals

This month's deck uses Expand The Empire, Imperial City, Generals, and EPPs to draw lots of Power destinies.  Special thanks to TheLuhks for coming up with the concept!  Also, we spoil a set 12 card!

Here's the episode!

Download the GEMP Decklist

2x Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter
2x Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba
1x Count Dooku
3x Emperor Palpatine
1x P-59
1x General Hux
1x Kylo Ren With Lightsaber
3x Darth Vader With Lightsaber
1x General Veers
2x Grand Admiral Thrawn (V)
1x Grand Moff Tarkin (V)
3x General Grievous
2x Darth Maul With Lightsaber
2x Expand The Empire
1x First Strike
1x Imperial Arrest Order & Secret Plans
1x Knowledge And Defense (V)
1x No Escape
1x Security Precautions (V)
1x The Phantom Menace (AI)
1x Combat Readiness (V)
1x Force Lightning
1x Force Push (V)
1x Ghhhk
1x Imperial Barrier
2x Imperial Command
2x Masterful Move & Endor Occupation
1x Point Man (V)
2x Sith Fury (V)
3x Sonic Bombardment (V)
1x Vader's Anger (V)
4x We Must Accelerate Our Plans
1x Blockade Flagship: Bridge
1x Cloud City: Security Tower (V)
1x Coruscant
1x Coruscant: Docking Bay
1x Coruscant: Imperial City
1x Coruscant: Private Platform (Docking Bay)
1x Emperor's Personal Shuttle
1x Mara Jade In VT-49 Decimator
1x Zuckuss In Mist Hunter

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