Friday, August 25, 2017

Waiting Here For Everyman - 1 - Alex Burgoyne

For a while I've been wanting to start a podcast where I interview regular people about the music in their lives, ranging from hobbyists to professionals.  I finally decided to pull the trigger and had the opportunity to interview Alex Burgoyne, an accomplished saxophone player and smart guy.  Here are some links to some of his projects:

This is a few individual things with various groups:

This is Liver Quiver performing at the Dispatch lunch series:

This is Small Songs:

This is Insane Jazz Posse - 80s/90s/00s rock tunes ruined by jazz:

Music in this episode includes:

For Everyman by Jackson Browne, as performed by Kendall Halman

Happy First Birthday (Attack the Cake) by Josh Bryant as performed by Small Songs

Liver Giver by Alex Burgoyne as performed by Liver Quiver

Here's the episode!

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